Meet the Team 


Babalwa Fatyi Myezo Director

Ms Babalwa Fatyi



Founder of Myezo Environmental Management Services (Pty) Ltd  2004


Accreditations, qualifications, achievements and professional affiliations:


  • ​​Master of Science (cum laude) University of Witwatersrand (1999)

  • 'South African Association for Advancement of Science Award'outstanding MSc degree in the Faculty of Science (1999),

  • Environmental Auditor: Institute of EnvironmentalManagement and Assessment, Lincoln,UK​

  • Registered in terms of Article 11 of the Natural Scientific Professions Act, 1993 (Act 106 of 1993). Professional title: Pr.Sci.Nat (400123/01)

Babalwa Fatyi is experienced in a wide range of environmental services, cutting across various sectors. She has exposure to the application of integrated environmental management tools.


Her experience has allowed her an insight with respect to sector specific sustainable development requirements ranging from authorisations, implementation and monitoring.


She has consulting experience having been an active contributor in diverse team while working for an engineering and science company since in the late 90’s.  Her consulting experience has been complemented by her active engagement in a mining company, where her role involved overseeing the firm’s compliance with its environmental obligations.


Babalwa partners with large blue-chip companies, as well as smaller companies, requiring her expertise whereby she ensures collaborative design of strategies and methodologies, which promote sustainable development and enable successful execution of various projects, she directs.  


Caspa Neluheni Myezo Environmental Management

Caspa Neluheni

Chief Operations Officer


Qualifications: Bachelor of Environmental Sciences




Caspa has a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree and certificates in Implementing Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Environmental Management (Regulatory framework for environmental management). Caspa joined Myezo as a Chief Operations officer in 2015. He has previously acted in the role of Duty Operations Manager for a well-known Leisure and Entertainment organisation. Caspa has divers experience is in the environmental management field with over nine years in environmental management.


His experience in the industry includes the development and implementation of environmental management systems in the gaming and tourism industries. He also has experience in the environmental compliance in the construction field where he served as a consulting environmental officer for construction projects for government parastatals and Energy organisations.


Caspa’s role at Myezo, is to assist the company in managing operational requirements of the business by ensuring that operational controls are in place and operating to industry standards. Caspa is also responsible for the environmental management systems at Myezo, His responsibility includes ensuring that the company, through its services is compliant to environmental requirements and aligning the system to ISO 14001certification. He places a role in determining key role players in all projects and defines the stakeholder profiles as well as their geographic distributions. Caspa is also responsible for the identification of new niche markets in environmental management to add to Myezo’s diverse services offered in the company.

Caspa is an environmentalist at heart and is passionate about environmental management and contributing to sustainable practices.

She is competent in conducting public involvement and as such in facilitating result driven meetings, capturing workshop outcomes and highlighting the issues that further need to be investigated to determine the impacts. She has been involved in handling various conflicting situations in the consultation and participatory processes.


Babalwa’s vision, as a South African female business owner and entrepreneur, is to be a voice of consciousness, an instrument of change, in the manner in which development and environmental matters are handled.  She sees herself as a conduit through which all the information that has been imparted unto her through various spheres of association and schooling and unsung mentors, can be released unto others and be utilised in collaborative decisions for the betterment of our country.


She believes in Transferring of skills through mentoring of unemployed youth and graduates, in environmental management by allocating resources for coaching in practical assignments and other key relevant aspects of environmental management.

Sicelo Jebe Myezo Environmental Management Services

Sicelo Jebe  

Business Development Manager


Qualifications: Bachelor of Accounting Science (3rd

                           year- one course to completion)


Sicelo Jebe  Business Development Sicelo has financial management background. He is the business development manager at Myezo. Sicelo has business acumen and has previously served the construction industry, where he was also responsible for land acquisitions and thus engagement of key business and stakeholder’s role players in the community and industry. Sicelo is responsible for identifying and overseeing of new and continuing business for Myezo.


As part of his role as a business development manager, he is also responsible for stakeholder relations. He supports in the public involvement section of projects that are being undertaken. He contributes in determining key role players in all projects and defines the stakeholder profiles, as well as their geographic distributions. He ensures that all stakeholder registers are kept up to date and effective communication tools are implemented in engaging with stakeholders. In this regard, he plans and facilitates meetings and design workshop or meeting outcomes and ensure proper and timely distribution to stakeholders. The stakeholder issues are then analysed further for determination of impacts and management measures.


He has charisma that ensures that he is able to respectfully engage with diverse potential business clients and stakeholder grouping at all levels. His authentic personality and communication skills ensures that relationships are maintained for the effective betterment of projects. He is also responsible for asset management and health and safety responsibilities at Myezo.