Myezo, founded in 2005 by Babalwa Fatyi (a registered Professional Natural Scientist), is an environmental consulting company that provides a wide range of environmental services, cutting across various sectors, specialising in mining.

Environmental Audits

Value added services


We offer our clients a pool of environmental expertise to meet their authorisation, implementation and monitoring needs.


• Environmental impact assessments
• Environmental management programme reports including

  development/implementation of environmental      

  management plans • Environmental management system
• Water use licences
• Integrated waste management plans
• Public involvement (liaisons with stakeholders regulatory

• Environmental workshops
• Environmental auditing 


•We guarantee 100% environmental legal compliance pertaining to the specific project tasks allocated to us;

•We guarantee delivery by mutually-agreed project phases;

•We guarantee delivery on mutually agreed target timelines, provided all stakeholders deliver at specified time period or a 1% discount on the overall cost of each project phase that we do not deliver at agreed time frame.

Myezo Environmental Management Team
Myezo Business Excellence Model - Care




To provide wise environmental solutions which promote responsible environmental stewardship as well as upliftment of social, economic and ecological sanity.


Unique Success Proposition

• Peace of mind through mutual win-win implementable environmental solutions.

• Openly engage, empower and facilitate stakeholder engagements designed to achieve integrated environmental solutions and transparent    


• Good quality reports with jointly tested and assessed alternative solutions that not only comply with your project regulatory requirements but are

   tailored to promote easy implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

• Environmental solutions which optimise environmental resource use and promote your environmental stewardship. 

Company Mission






• You will make a difference in your bottom line by avoiding unnecessary

   environmental authorisation delays and excessive costs.

• You will comply with regulatory requirements.
• You will be in control of your business by integrating implementation and

   monitoring of your environmental solutions into your existing business      systems.

• You will continuously improve on your environmental performance and

   be an admired environmental steward. 

Benefits of Working with Myezo



  • Myezo has a pool of associates to act as support structures for individual projects.

  • We have built relationships with specialists from across a variety of fields e.g. ground water.

  • We are able to manage and coordinate a suite of specialists as part of the contribution to the impact assessment evaluations as well a in determination of management measures for particular projects. 

Project Team & Associates


Environmental impact assessments

• Basic Assessments;

• Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessments;
• Mining and Prospecting Right Applications;
• Environmental Impact Assessments;
• Environmental Management Programmes;
• Water Use Licence Applications;
• Air Pollution Certificates;
• Amendment of Environmental Management  

• Performance Assessments and Audits in terms of

  NEMA and MPRDA. 

Environmental Management Unit


• Water Resource Management Studies;

• Storm Water Management;
• Applicability of Best Practice Guidelines ;
• Water Use Licensing;
• Flood line Delineation;
• Water Balance Studies;
• Water Quality Management (Including monitoring);
• GIS applications;
• Water Pollution Prevention Methods;
• Minimization of water retention on rehabilitated lands; •

  Effective clean and dirty water separation; and
• Containment of polluted water. 

Water Engineering Unit


Environmental Consultants
Enviromental Consultants

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment & Accreditations




Exempted micro enterprise from DTI's codes of Good Practice for BEE Level 1 Professional Registrations.





Professional Registrations

  • Pr.Sci.Nat – Council for Scientific Natural professions.

  • Auditor - Auditor (IEMA-UK).

  • Memberships with professional bodies - WIISSA, Institute of directors of SA, IWMSA Publications

  • B.A Mbalo (Fatyi) and E. T. F. Witkowski (1997): Tolerance to soil surface temperatures experienced  

      during and after the passage of fire in seeds of selected

      savanna woody plant      

      species. South African

       Journal of Botany, 63: 423-425.

  • Journal of Arid Environments. 

SACNASP South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions