We offer our clients a pool of environmental expertise, to meet either their authorisation, implementation or performance assessment/monitoring requirements:


Environmental Impact Assessments 

Myezo has undertaken several environmental impact assessment (EIAs) projects in terms of environmental management Act (No 107 of 1998) , as amended as well as environmental authorisations in terms of Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (No 28 of 2002), as amended.  The EIAs include those EIA required as part of the water applications as well as boat launching and coastal management activities requiring coastal permits. Environmental processes for marine developments such as beach mining and coffer dams as well as associated developments within the coast property and admiralty zones are also our key strengths.


Environmental Performance Audits

Myezo is capable of developing environmental implementation plans, which provides for monitoring, on a regular basis, of the activities that have potential environmental impacts. This includes the recording of information to track performance, and compliance with client’s conditions of authorisation.


We undertake a range of audits from due diligence, performance assessment and legal compliance audits to closure application audits to ascertain environmental liability as part of closure plan developments.


Environmental Management Programs (EMPs)

We support our clients to ensure that:


  • Environmental management is among the highest organizational priorities,

  • Engagement is established and maintained with internal/external parties,

  • Environmental aspects are identified

  • Environmental impacts or changes to the environment, whether adverse or 

       beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organisation’s activities,

       products or services are identified

  • Commitment to environmental protection are developed and there is clear

       assignment of accountability and responsibility,

  • Environmental planning throughout the product or service life cycle is maintained.



Integrated Waste Management Plans

We support our clients to be stewards of their environment through meeting the objectives of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008 (Act 59 of 2008) by:


  • Minimizing use of natural resources.

  • To prevent and minimise waste generating.

  • Promoting the 4 Rs principle: Reducing, Re-using,

       Recycling and Recovering waste.

  • Treating and safely disposing of waste as last resort.

  • Secure an environment that is not harmful to health

       and well-being.

  • Promoting separation of waste at point source.

Water Use Licences 

• Water Resource Management Studies;

• Storm Water Management;
• Applicability of Best Practice Guidelines ;
• Water Use Licensing;
• Flood line Delineation;
• Water Balance Studies;
• Water Quality Management (Including monitoring);
• GIS applications;
• Water Pollution Prevention Methods;
• Minimization of water retention on rehabilitated lands; •

   Effective clean and dirty water separation; and
• Containment of polluted water. 


Implementation / Environmental Control 

We support our clients during the implementation stage of the their project by ensuring that the management commitments are translated into implementable procedures and implantation tools are developed for maximum compliance and operating responsible operations who are operated by teams who act as environmental stewards.


Myezo moves beyond just providing clients with recommendations but can partner them in implementing the recommended actions. Working in various phases of development projects has enhanced our appreciation of the holistic view/approach in project management. In addition, the founder’s role within the mining industry has strengthened Myezo’s expertise with respect to implementation and monitoring of various programmes. We signify a holistic, integrated approach to environmental mastery and effectiveness of solution implementation. 


We recognise the value of human resources in the successful implementation of any development proposal and thus make provisions for alleviating any uncertainties through focused discussions during project implementation phases. 


Stakeholder / Public Involvement 

We follow a comprehensive system of public participation, which is based on the principles of integrated environmental management. Undertaking environmental impact assessments and public consultation within the consulting and mining industries has strengthened our skills in being able to realise the objectives of the clients as well as empower the public so they better understand their environmental rights and opportunities in a particular development situation. We have techniques for effective communication of environmental matters to a wide range of stakeholders, such as use of different languages; use of presentation techniques ranging from power point to participatory approaches depending of the type of audience we are engaging. 


Closure Plans 

We are experienced in developing closure plans and associated risk assessments and contingency plans as well as performance monitoring reports as required in terms of the current legal statutes, especially in terms of Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (Act No. 28 of 2002), as amended.


We also support our clients to develop rehabilitation implementation plans, which are premised upon the existing regulatory framework closure objectives and strategies are designed for long term sustainability.  As such our closure plan development processes culminate into the production of objectives that will ensure that the notion of duty of care and environmental responsibility is the flagship of the rehabilitation to be undertaken. 


Coaching and Mentoring

We ensure that our team is equipped to best advise our clients and is always ahead of new industry developments and the images below show:


  • How we build cohesive teams
  • Team interactions and sharing of insights
  • How we make learning enjoyable
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